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More Great Board Games


Welcome back to the Indigo Run Blog. If you’re thinking about adding to or starting up a board game collection in your apartment, we’ve got two board games worth playing. Head out to your favorite local board game store in Orangeburg, SC or wherever you are, and see if they have these great games in stock!


Railroad Ink

Railroad Ink is a beautiful little game for one to six players. It plays in about 30 minutes, takes seconds to learn, and is (in our opinion) one of the best games to come out of 2018. Here’s a description from the publisher, CMON:


“New lands have opened up and the race is on to create the best network of rail and road lines through it. In Railroad Ink, players roll the Route dice and must then draw the subsequent results on their individual Route boards. Players score points for having long interconnected Routes, as well as connecting the entry points to their board, plus having Routes through the center of their boards. But beware, they’ll lose points for leaving unfinished lines…”



Everyone needs to own a good racing board game. For us, Jamaica fits that itch! Take on the role of historical pirates as you race around a board collecting treasure. Here’s a quick description of Jamaica:

“...The Great Challenge comes to life in Jamaica, the highly acclaimed pirate racing board game for two to six players. Playable in under an hour, Jamaica challenges you to outmaneuver (and outgun) your rivals as you collect gold and buried pirate treasures on your way around the island. However, pirate races are not like other races, and you will have to contend not only with the trials of the high seas, but also with the cannon fire and boarding parties that other captains send your way.”