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How to Let Go of a Grudge

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While many people would like to start 2019 with a clean slate, there are some things that are bound to come with them from the previous year. If you are harboring a grudge against someone, no matter the reason, we hope that today’s blog post will help you let go of those negative emotions that could be keeping you from moving forward.

Before we share a few ideas to help you stop holding a grudge, we’d like to acknowledge that grudges are normal; it’s natural to have the urge to protect oneself, especially from further hurt or harm. What we fear are the negative effects that grudges can cause after those feelings have grown deeper. Holding onto ill feelings toward someone or something can negatively affect both physical and mental health. So before we get far into the new year, let’s see if there’s something positive that you can do moving forward.

Here are a few tips that we think can help you let go of a grudge:

Acknowledge what you are feeling: Take time to identify the reason you are feeling the way that you are. You might decide to write down these thoughts in your journal or record them out loud. And don’t worry; no one needs to read it or listen to it but you. Allowing yourself to identify the root issue behind what you’re feeling can be a comforting move on your part, giving you the chance to process those emotions and move forward.

Put on a different pair of shoes: Put yourself in the shoes of the person, group, or thing that helped cause or add to your pain. You can learn a lot by focusing on their point of view, trying to feel what they feel or think about how they thought when things went south. Empathy is powerful in helping you move forward.

Choose to move forward: By choosing to let go of the negative feelings, you’re making room for more positive feelings in your life. We’re not suggesting you forget about what happened, but we are suggesting that you acknowledge what happened and choose to learn from it. Mentally accepting your situation, even if tentatively, can give your mind a positive energy boost to work toward full forgiveness.

Thanks for visiting the Indigo Run Blog! We hope you have a great month in Orangeburg, South Carolina. If you have any further tips about letting go of a grudge, feel free to share with our apartment community by leaving a comment below.