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Fun Photography "Facts" for Inspiration

a woman wearing sunglasses in front of trees looking through a camera lens and pointing it to the left

In Orangeburg, SC, we’re blessed with a world of wonder and beauty. All around our Indigo Run community are opportunities for photographs that will shine on your Instagram account. Today, we’re sharing a few of our very own “facts” to help you get inspired to grab your camera or smartphone, head outside of your apartment, and enjoy the outside world this season. Remember: the right photo at the right moment will not only inspire you but anyone else that is looking at it.

1. The camera is a passport to inspiration. Every so often there’s a photograph that can transport you to another place and time. The image captures a majestic moment, one that pulls you in and sends you on an adventure of your own.

2. A photograph offers inspiration. It’s a moment that has been captured, one that can speak to us on a deeper level more than words can ever say. One look at an incredible picture and suddenly the age-old phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” is only true to an extent, as some photographs tend to take all words away from you and you’re left staring in awe and fascination.

3. Seeing a photograph is a sneak peek of the past and a look into the future. It’s a memory borrowed of a moment once created, but one that can be shared forever. It’s truly a memory never to be forgotten.

4. A photograph is a story waiting to be told, but different for everyone who reads it. You’re the author. What will your stories say?

5. Some of the most powerful shots are the ones that we don’t plan. Some of them tend to surprise us more than we ever expect. Some are framed just right.

6. Each photograph you take is a stamp in your passport of life. Yours can never be too full.

7. Capturing that winning shot is one made with your mind and your heart. It takes dedication and practice until you get it just right.